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Crystal Pouches

Crystal Pouches
Ancient wisdom for 21st century applications

In today's world we are all seeking ways to support healthy lifestyles and address personal issues. Formed over 1.6 billion years ago, ANCHI Crystals are found only one place in the world. The fields, or geo-imprint around this amazing natural resource often aids in pain relief, healthy sleep and maintaining balanced energy. They are also an important support tool for meditation, yoga and practitioners of Spiritual Laws, including the Law of Attraction. ANCHI Crystals combine ancient wisdom with 21st century applications.

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Love Lifts
Wearable pouches for women

We, as women, care about the quality of our lives. We are willing to take steps to ensure we give ourselves the things that optimize our well-being. Love Lifts are a convenient way to nurture our most feminine aspects while going about our busy days.

"I used to have to wear two different bra sizes throughout the month and with the love Lifts I now maintain one bra size. For me, the intense fluctuations of water retention was greatly diminished. A fabulous product!" - Lynne Ribaudo,  Cocoa Beach, FL

"I have always stuffed a small  pouch of ANCHIs in my bra. The Love Lifts are an elegant solution. I love having the ANCHIs so close to my heart. They are very calming." - Eva Duffield, Evans CO