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About Anchi Crystals

From the beginning of time
A rare offering from the earth

ANCHI Crystals bring to the worldwide marketplace an entirely new approach to the use of crystals for electrical energy rejuvenation. 

ANCHI Crystals come to us from the beginning of time, as a rare offering from the earth. They are capable of enhancing one’s ability to live in a more balanced, less stressed and optimal state. 


ANCHI Crystals were formed over one billion six-hundred million years ago at a time when the earth was just beginning to be birthed in a drama of flowing molten masses.

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With a uniquely complex matrix of over fifty different crystals that don’t usually grow together in the same area, ANCHI Crystals are exceptionally rare and pure. Through rigorous study, they have been found to possess a geo-imprinting uniquely capable of broad spectrum electrical energy rejuvenation. These properties are exclusive-to-ANCHI Crystals and gems.

Exceptionally Rare, Pure & Unique

Anchi Crystals

ANCHI Crystals are some of the oldest matter on earth. ANCHI means “ancient chi” and describes the energetic resonance and balancing one can experience through these stunning crystals. Oxygen in the atmosphere as we know it is less than 800 million years old, and at the time of the ANCHI Crystal formation, oxygen would not become a reality for another billion more years. By contrast, the Himalayans are only 55 million years old. 

Naturally formed together as a single community, these ancient crystals are exceedingly rare. Their geo-imprint, their particular crystalline signature, is unique. It is this geo-imprint, through a phenomenon where the crystals have a templating effect and transference properties, that creates change in adjacent electrical fields.

These crystals are very stable and the balancing life force in them is transferrable. Transference means that certain aspects of the crystals can be transferred to what is placed on the skin. In other words, their geo-imprinting transfers focused energy capable of dramatic, accelerated organizing and optimizing the body’s own electrical flow and activity.


Colors of the ANHI Crystals represented: violet blues, purples, pinks, greens, bright yellow. The textures range from purple glitter, metallic rose bronze, white feathered formations, pinks sprays, lavender grey pearls, and vivid multi-colors. There are over fifty documented kinds of crystals including tourmalines, lepidolites, beryls, and topaz. As beautiful as they are, however, thier real power lies in their physics.


Scientific research has documented numerous times the remarkable ability of ANCHI Crystals to organize and structure water, providing greater vitality and more available energy for cellular metabolism. 


  • A study conducted at Pennsylvania State University verifies that the active mechanism of ANCHI Crystals is the “field” around the crystals.

  • Research conducted in Europe by a team of physicists explore ANCHI Crystals' positive affect on bio-photons and energy flows in the body.


ANCHI Crystals markets and distributes products containing ANCHI Crystals for use in balancing, organizing, integrating and optimizing electrical fields for people, animals, and environments. 


Any product displaying the name ANCHI Crystals assures the user that this rare signature of natural resource is present and available for use. 


Copyright ANCHI Crystals@ 2015-2021

Using ANCHI Crystals 


While using the ANCHI Crystals, we may have a sense of well-being even during difficulty and are always more focused productive. Our life force, or Chi, flows freely with the strength and harmonization of our original life force patterns. There are certain factors that must come together synergistically in order for this optimum state of wholeness to occur. One way to create this natural synergy is to utilize ANCHI Crystals as your natural maintenance tool.


ANCHI Crystals can be used any time throughout a busy day to quickly re-align your energy flows. They do not require separate concentration nor do they interfere with your work, daily activities, focus, or relaxation.


Where can I go for physical restoration and still maintain my lifestyle and busy schedule?
ANCHI Crystals quickly address our energy patterns and flows, our electrical fields, and other aspects to create cohesiveness or wholeness simply by being within close proximity to them! ANCHI Crystals do not require focus or meditation. ANCHI Crystals soothe and smooth out the effects of stress and re-instate our naturally ordained electromagnetic fields. When we operate in cohesiveness we have more productivity and a greater sense of well-being.

Why do I need ANCHI Crystals? Do you know that your body runs on electricity?
Do you know that healthy electrical systems are required for healing to occur? What we eat and/or the supplements we take are important; however, the systems that run our bodies are electrical. For thousands of years, eastern medicine has addressed the electrical as well as the chemical aspects of the physical body. Western science and medicine have only recently begun to acknowledge and address this important area. In the western world Robert Becker, M.D. was a pioneer in the study of the electrical properties of our bodies. When we feel “out of sorts” or "out of synch" the problem can be more electrical than chemical. ANCHI Crystals gently support the electrical systems and fields surrounding our bodies. The principles utilized by ANCHI Crystals are in the area of physics rather than chemistry. The definition of physics is the study of matter, energy, and the interactions between them.

How do ANCHI Crystals work?
Dr. Rustum Roy of Penn State University explained that ANCHI Crystals have “epitaxial” properties. If you Google “epitaxial” you will get sites of superconductor companies. Why? What do superconductors have in common with ANCHI Crystals? The word epitaxial indicates the ability to template, store, and transfer what has been stored exactly. Both superconductors and ANCHI Crystals utilize epitaxial properties as an active mechanism. Because crystals grow, former IBM scientist Dr. Marcel Vogel considered them to be “living”.  Dr. Vogel helped develop the liquid crystal technology used in our watches today, and was part of the group that learned how to grow crystals in laboratories. As a scientist, he became so fascinated with crystals that he devoted his retirement years exploring their life-enhancing capabilities. He explored their ability to affect the body in positive ways and found that this was partly because of their capability of organizing and directing energy. All crystals are organized but ANCHI Crystals have this capacity along with epitaxial properties that carry the profound ANCHI Field.


What makes ANCHI Crystals rare?
ANCHI Crystals are rare both in their age and type of formation. ANCHI Crystals have been dated to be at least 1.6 billion years old. This places their formation at the first stages of the earth's geological history. These crystals are found in only one location on Earth. The site represents a “community” of over 50 crystals, including tourmalines, the most pyroelectric mineral, and quartz - the most piezoelectric mineral. Because of their age, these ancient crystals are opaque rather than clear in appearance. Young tourmaline crystals are clear in color and are usually dated to be a billion years younger than ANCHI Crystals. ANCHI Crystals are truly Ancient Ones in the mineral family. Dr. Al Falser of the University of New Orleans is familiar with the geographical aspects of ANCHI Crystal site. Dr. Falser explains that only about 1% of all geological formations on Earth fall within the category of the ANCHI Crystal site. In addition, less than 1% of these locations have the complexity that the ANCHI Crystal geological formation has. ANCHI Crystals are rare indeed!

What makes ANCHI Crystals unique?
Dr. Rustum Roy offered a scientific explanation as to the uniqueness of ANCHI Crystals. In scientific terms, each place on earth has its own geomagnetic field that contains a distinguishing set of characteristics, like a thumbprint. In rare instances, the geomagnetic pattern is so strong that it transfers the characteristics of that site into the crystals, thus creating a unique mineralogical geo-imprint. This unique geo-imprint is the source of ANCHI Crystals’ Field. Many people buy minerals and/or crystals for their specific properties. In the case of ANCHI Crystals, it is not the specific crystalline or mineral properties that are sought; rather it is the geo-imprint they carry that
is prized. This imprint cannot be duplicated and distinguishes ANCHI Crystals from all other crystals and minerals in the world. Just as Dead Sea Salts can only come from the Dead Sea, ANCHI Crystals are found only at the ANCHI Crystal site.


Why are ANCHI Crystals important Manifestation tools?
According to yogis and adepts of all traditions, the first element in successful manifestation is synchronizing the chakras. Synchronized chakras naturally create a connection to all that is. This Oneness is the foundation from which requests were made to heighten success when manifesting. Many people who meditate or are interested in using the Law of Attraction use ANCHI Crystals to facilitate their practices.

Has ANCHI Crystals’ life force or Chi been documented?
Yes, ANCHI Crystals have been studied in several ways. Initially, they were tested to document their ability to create vitality in water by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. Dr. Korotkov is known internationally for his development of GDV software, which documents the subtle energy of the body, and the vitality of water and minerals. The primary use of GDV software in Russia is in hospitals. Five types of water were tested after being exposed to these crystals and in every case the vitality was increased
significantly! The test stated that the “increased energy” was due to the crystals’ apparent ability to organize the molecules in the water. The crystals were also tested for their ability to hydrate skin in women ranging in age 20-60 years old. Again, positive benefits were documented. ANCHI Crystals were then added to popular skin creams. They were given 27 minutes to raise hydration levels higher than the same cream without the crystals. In every case, hydration levels were significantly higher. Subsequent to these tests the Annaé Geoceutical Skin Products line was developed utilizing the crystals under the trade name of POMÈ Crystals. The powerful benefits of the
crystals are dramatically revealed with only one 30-minute Annaé Crystalline Masque. Annaé skincare products are available through spas and online at People all over the world are discovering their skins’ ability to remember its optimum state. Tests conducted at Pennsylvania State University by physicist Dr. Clause Swanson documented the active mechanism of ANCHI Crystals was the field around them. Dr. Swanson work was based on the positive effect of ANCHI Crystals on the Raman Spectrum of water. Currently, a team of physicists in Europe is researching the wide range of potential found in the ANCHI Field.  The information and possible application cover every aspect of our society. The ANCHI Field is truly a resource for transforming the 21st century. More information on this can be accessed under the Research button on the navigation bar.   


How do ANCHI Crystals benefit me?
In today’s world, time and convenience are tremendous benefits. We all want to live in the optimum state of wholeness. We need a way to quickly obtain the Optimum States that fit our lifestyles and schedules. Even people who are dedicated practitioners of meditation and yoga find that ANCHI Crystals help maintain the desired energy flows to a greater degree throughout their day. We also are impacted by our computers and other electronic devices that interfere with our electromagnetic fields. Disturbed electromagnetic fields in the environment
also contribute to our compromised personal fields. ANCHI Crystals provide a source for a naturally harmonized field which is so important under modern conditions.

Do you believe ANCHI Crystals have the capacity to heal?
We believe that ANCHI Crystals affect the body’s energy centers, electrical systems, energy patterns, and fields in a positive and unifying way. We believe that operating in “wholeness” is fundamental to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. We believe that in wholeness we are naturally connected to the greater Whole, and this is as it was originally intended. We believe that by facilitating this Optimum State, the body naturally heals itself. ANCHI Crystals support the Optimum States that allow the physical and nonphysical aspects to self-correct naturally.

How long does my ANCHI CRYSTALS last?
ANCHI Crystals will last a lifetime. They have already existed for 1.6 billion years! The original pouches will not, of course. Some people transfer the crystals to a new pouch or container with deep personal meaning. Others purchase replacement pouches either from the original supplier or from other sources.

How do I use them?
ANCHI Crystals may be safely used anywhere on the body. Generally, they are placed on the heart, third eye, or areas of pain. They do not require focus or meditation. They are, however, important companions to meditative practices. ANCHI Crystals do not alter mental faculties. They can be used any time throughout the day and are great to have while driving or traveling. It is highly recommended to use them to synchronize your systems before sleep by placing a pouch on your heart or another desired area. It is acceptable that they fall off the body during the night and remain in the bed. Your own insights can be the greatest source of where to place them. ANCHI Wraps are the answer to tying ANCHI Crystals in place. ANCHI jewelry is a personal means of wearing a source of the ANCHI Field. Love Lift Bra Inserts provide a lingerie product that is convenient for women to incorporate the ANCHI Field. All have been designed to fit conveniently into our busy lifestyles and allow access to the benefits of ANCHI Crystals.

Is there a problem if other people touch or use my ANCHI Crystals?
Many people feel very personal about their crystals and this is understandable. However, ANCHI Crystals quickly adapt to interact with each person and their particular situation. If another person holds or uses your crystals, do not worry about any interference with your own connection to them. The crystals will quickly adapt back to your specific field upon their return and will work to balance your specific energy patterns. The ability to immediately interact with each person and their ever-changing moments is one of the reasons ANCHI Crystals truly remarkable. Whenever you wish to cleanse your ANCHI Crystals, simply place them in sunlight for several hours.

Are there any negative effects from ANCHI Crystals?
There are no known negative effects. It is important to correlate your ANCHI Crystal pouch to your needs. On occasion, people who have too strong a pouch for them will have the urge to remove the pouch. If so, simply purchase a smaller one or remove a portion of the crystals from your bag. If the pouch is placed over an area where there has been an injury, mild discomfort is sometimes felt at first, as the old energetic patterns are reorganized towards health. However, none of these conditions are harmful. The only “caution” for every user is to know that
once you have experienced ANCHI Crystals, you will not want to be without them! As one user eloquently said, “You do not buy ANCHI Crystals, you adopt them.” Most users carry them everywhere they go.

Why is my ANCHI Crystal Gift Bags not completely filled?
The ANCHI Crystal Gift Bag is meant to conform to body contours. Many people place them over places of pain or areas that need support. Completely filled pouches are stiff and have no flexibility. Partial filling allows the bags to mold to the desired location such as knees, head, etc. The pouches are sold by weight. The exact amount of ANCHI Crystals in a generous container is simply a matter of convenience and a more pleasant tactile experience for the user.

After continued use, why does my ANCHI Crystal Bag seem to have fewer crystals? In some instances, constant use causes the crystals to rub against one another in such a way that the crystals become smaller in size. Smaller-sized crystals will compact more, taking up less space than the same amount of crystals of a larger size. The weight of the crystals is the same. Since the effect of the crystals is based upon weight, the effect remains the same.

Are ANCHI Crystals gathered with respect?
The owners of the mine have a strong sense of stewardship and integrity. They practice nontraditional, holistic mining practices. They keep the community of crystals, meaning the combination of every mineral found in that geographic location, complete and together just as they were formed in synergy 1.6 billion years ago, and they utilize all they gather. They allow no harsh chemical processing. The only processing of ANCHI Crystals is size reduction. Above all, nothing that would harm or alter the unique geo-imprint of ANCHI Crystals is allowed!

The crystals work differently for everyone.

What does the name ANCHI mean?
ANCHI is an acronym for “Ancient Chi”. Chi is the name for the vital force thought to be inherent in all things, according to Taoism and other Chinese doctrines, as well as an increasing number of western perspectives. It is considered the pre-existing force in the Universe from which all life comes.  The unimpeded circulation of Chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body are held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine. The Ancient Chi referred to in the name ANCHI is the 1.6 billion-year-old geological imprint of the ANCHI Field that contains the original ordained life-building energy patterns of Earth. These patterns were transferred and encoded into the community of over 50 different minerals found at the unique ANCHI Crystal site. The beneficial
properties of ANCHI Crystals positively affect whatever body that is near them, be it human, animal, plant, or water.

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