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Ancient ANCHI Crystals

contain encoded mysteries

and are found only one place on Earth!

ANCHI Crystals come to us from the beginning of time as a rare offering from the Earth. ANCHI Crystals hold the Codes, Wisdom, and Alignments of the Original Plan. They are capable of enhancing one’s ability to live in an Optimum State.

Natural and Individually Interactive ANCHI Crystals benefit

General Health • Pain Reduction • Peaceful Sleep • Stress Support

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Athletic Wraps


Bath Minerals


ANCHI, which is the field around ANCHI Crystals, quickly addresses your energy patterns and flows, your electrical fields, and other aspects to create cohesiveness, or wholeness, simply by being within close proximity to them. ANCHI does not require focus or meditation. ANCHI soothes and smoothes out the effects of stress, and reinstates your naturally ordained electromagnetic fields. When you operate in cohesiveness, you have more productivity and a greater sense of well-being.


“I am a skeptic by nature; however when I had chronic stomach pain I was willing to try the ANCHI energy. To my surprise the pain left. I now sleep with ANCHI Crystals every night.”

Laurel Conrard, Co-Founder of ANCHI, INC. 

“I have internal scar tissue in two areas of my body resulting from a surgical procedure, and from neck ligaments that were torn in a motorcycle accident years ago. Placing the ANCHI Crystals on both of these areas has helped to finally alleviate the pain I’ve been dealing with for years. I also sleep with them and use them to ease floating rib pain.” 
—  JA. - Head Injury Survivor

 "I was not a person who is interested in crystals, nor have I ever used them for any purpose. I tried them only because I hoped they might benefit my very serious liver condition that caused me pain and seriously low energy. Within two weeks, the pain was gone, I had lots of energy again and much more. Even without those the quality of my sleep alone was worth the cost of the pouch! My results include dramatically improved health, sleep, energy, focus and even my attitude has improved!

– Joyce Morris, Author of “How to Create Gold, A Step-By-Step Method”

“These crystals increased my ability to energetically heal others. They are invaluable in my practice”. 

— Ehrin - Doctor of Osteopathy 

“At work, my ANCHI Crystals work for me. I sit on them, hold them, put them between my back and chair, under my tired feet, or put them under my water bottle. They are always at work for me I wouldn’t leave them home and unless I was staying there.”

— Ora - Administrative Assistant

“My personal experience in regard to a ANCHI Crystals has been quite impressive in the alignment of energy levels during business hours. One night use the words more focused or clarity of thought. An additional positive aspect has been recognized in reference to evening sleep patterns. If awakened in the night the use of ANCHI Crystals has repetitively initiated a stabilizing or calming effect. Better sleep patterns have allowed me to awaken more energized and refreshed.” 
— Anthony - Financial Professional

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